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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 23, 2017 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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i'm see you on fox business, and that's my partner, david asman 4 p.m. eastern, don't miss that. >> nfl on the defensive, commissioner roger goodell reacting to president trump's words on players refuse to go stand on the national anthem. leland: and about to take the podium, and leaders responding to president trump calling their leader little rocket man. elizabeth: and another major earthquake striking mexico today. we are live from mexico city with the very latest. ♪ and welcome to america's news headquarters from washington on a very busy saturday.
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i'm elizabeth prann, thank you for joining us. leland: anytime the president gives a speech on a friday night it's going to be a busy saturday. i'm leland vittert. tweets this morning as well. president trump's speech last night was supposed to be a pretty state forward stump for alabama senator luther strange who faces a tough election primary this week. that's far from the headline coming out of the president's speech. peter doocy live, huntsville, alabama. headlines this morning, peter, about what the president said of the nfl and really taking aim not only at the nfl, but some nfl owners. how is that being received in the south today? >> leland, when he started railing against the nfl it got as much applause as anything else in an hour and a half long speech filled withstanding ovations. this is a state that loves their football and they really liked it when the president got them all riled up as he got the crowd all against nfl players
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who do not stand, but instead take a knee during the national anthem. >> we're proud of our country. we respect our flag. wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag, to say get that son of a-- off the field now, he's fired,fire fired,fired! >> and the president wasn't done with the nfl there. he pointed to their lower than normal tv ratings so far this season and said that kneeling during the anthem contributes somewhat, but so does an over emphasis on player safety. >> two guys just really beautiful tackle, boom, 15 yards. the referee gets on television, his wife is sitting at home, so proud of him. they're ruining the game. right? they're ruining the game. hey, look, that's what they want to do, they want to hit,
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okay? they want to hit, but it is hurting the game. >> the nfl commissioner roger goodell did not appreciate the president's sentiment last night and he's got a statement out this morning saying in part, divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the nfl. our great game and all of our players, and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our communities and goodell may have his hands full for a few more games because the president is also urging his supporters to walk out of any nfl stadium where they see a player taking a knee before the game starts during the anthem, leland. leland: wow, stakes are getting raised. football sunday coming up tomorrow. jim gray later on this. peter, now to the topic, the reason you were sent to alabama was the luther strange special election coming up. the president going down to stump for that. how much of the rally was about
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big luther and how much of an effect did it have on the president's supporters there? >> the stories about strange, reland were woven into the rest of the president's remarks about the other things that he was addressing, but the president cast senator strange as one of the most reliable republican senators who always plays ball with the white house and he says that he is the only republican, he thinks, could win in november here in alabama. >> i told luther, i have to say this, if his opponent wins, i'm going to be here campaigning like hell for them, but i have to say this and you understand this, just look at the polls, luther will definitely win. you know what i'm saying? roy has a very good chance of
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not winning in the general electi election. >> he was referring to judge roy moore, strange's opponent, but the president says he will help either republican, but he really, really prefers strange and the white house is doing their part to make sure that he has the best possible chance on tuesday in the runoff. president trump was here last night, vice-president pence here on monday. leland. leland: yeah, and one of president trump's former fox he was sent out to tv sebastian gorka no longer on the white house and he's on roy moore's side. and peter, you'll have an interesting couple of days, thank you, sir. we are going to take a closer look at the fallout over president trump's comments on the nfl with fox news contributor jim gray later in the show. a lot to talk about there. elizabeth: meaning our attention in the meantime overseas. iran tv announced a successful test of a new kind of ballistic missile despite president
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trump's threat to pull out of the deal. and it went 1200 meals according to iranian tv. policy expert walid phares will join us with insight into the tensions between the u.s. and iran. leland: and how north korea played into all of that. speaking of north korea. a few minutes from now, the minister will address the united nations. the hermit kingdom threatened another nuclear test. right now at the podium of the u.n., you see the saudi minister. outside to take it all in, bryan is in new york. you have to think that perhaps the north koreans are doing a little rewriting this morning after the little rocket man comments about their leader last night? >> yeah, leland, look, we fully expect the unprecedented war of words between the united states and north korea to continue if
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not escalate when they foreign minister addresses the united nations assembly today. make no mistake about it, he will be addressing the u.n. on behalf of north korea's leader kim jong-un who on friday issued a statement in what is believed to be the first time a north korean leader directly issued a statement to the world under his own name, firing back at president trump for his u.n. general assembly speech and for other, what he thinks are provocations and in this statement, kim jong-un said, quote, i will make the man holding the prerogative of the supreme command in the u.s. pay dearly for his speech. whatever trump might have expected he will face results beyond his expectation. i will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged dotard with fire. and it's in reaction to the u.n. general assembly speech in which the u.s. said it would totally destroy north korea if it were forced to defend itself or its allies and it's when the
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president called kim jong-un rocket man and he was on a suicide mission. and to kim jong-un's statement the president tweeted back, kim jong-un, obviously a madman doesn't mind starving for killing his people will be tested like never before. surely we can expect more fighting today, fighting words today when the foreign minister ho goes up and speaks and the same foreign minister to said the president sounded like a dog barking at the united nations in terms of calling-- how he described president trump's speech. aside from those personal jabs though and the fighting words, we fully expect young-ho to defend the nuclear program and push back against what they see is international pressure. the u.n. security counsel passed more sanctions going after north korea's oil and tech tile industries and gas industry and foreign workers and president trump signed an
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executive order allowing the u.s. to sanction companies and institutions that finance trade with north korea and all of this is as china is stopping the central bank and going off oil trade with that country. coinciding with all of this, a bit of a pep rally today, if you can believe it, north korea putting together a mass rally against america today in pyongyang, the country's capital as they get ready for what believe is going to be a big speech from the foreign minister on behalf of kim jong-un. all of this happening at the foreign minister of north korea threatened they are preparing, ready to shoot a thermal nuclear weapon in the air and test that over the pacific ocean which would be the first time that a nuclear device exploded above ground, in any test around the world since 1980. so, the stakes are extremely
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high today and unfortunately for the world, we expect a further escalation with words. leland: it was the chinese in the 1980's that did that. bryan, as they take the podium. thank you. elizabeth: and capitol hill, john mccain says no to the graham-cassidy bill. some are unsure whether it will come to a vote. and hi, alison. >> mccain is the second republican senator to say he will not support the cassidy-graham bill. the other is kentucky senator rand paul. maine's susan collins is on the fence and expressed concerns even before mccain came out against it. the a spokesperson for mitch mcconnell, mcconnell intended to consider the graham-cassidy bill on the floor this week. now, that seems to be a question mark. we'll see this week. the leader intended, he said,
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to bring it to a vote this week, and you know, it's more difficult, more difficult to pass now, but we'll see. >> the republicans cannot afford to lose more than two republicans, many say mccain put the bill on life support. some democrats say he proved once again, that he's a hero. >> thank you, john mccain. and john mccain has a conscience and i wish very much that the rest of the republican leadership had that conscience as well. >> president trump criticized mccain's decision, but the white house is still optimistic. white house director of legislative affairs, mark short, told fox and friends this morning that he's confident they will repeal obamacare and he says the president is more than ready to sign legislation that does exactly that. >> congress needs to submit that bill to them. this is 0 your last best chance
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before the september 30th deadline. it comes down to four senators, senator paul, senator mccain, senator murkowski and senator collins we're trying to get two votes to get to repeal obamacare. >> and they hoped to pass by the end of september in part because with special budget rules they could pass the bill with a simple majority, 50 yeses instead of the normal 60. elizabeth: thank you so much. leland: let's bring in the hill newspapers policy editor kim dixon for more. and the president has an unusual way of whipping votes, take a listen last night. >> john mccain flipped, john mccain was not on the list. so that was a totally unexpected thing. terrible. honestly, terrible. repeat and replace because john
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mccain, if you look at his campaign, his last campaign, was all about repeal and replace, repeal and replace. so, he decided to do something different and that's fine. and i say, we still have a chance. leland: hard to understand how he wasn't on the list of a whip count when he was the one who killed the last go round for repeal and replace. put that aside for a second. the president teams optimistic, and short on fox and friends optimistic. give your read of the tea leaves. is this bill dead and buried or on terminal life support and it can be brought back? >> it's definitely on life support, rand paul a no. susan collins, another moderate leaning no. and when you look at the math where the money goes on the bill, it's not good. lisa murkowski is another on the fence and she will get a 38% cut in funds under the graham-cassidy g.o.p. replace
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bill. so it's not looking good. leland: it may not look good. how worried are republican senators, and for that matter, republicans in the house, who are all up for election in 2018. matt schlapp on earlier today or may have been last night saying the g.o.p. is essentially trying to weasel out of repeal and replace, saying it's pitchfork time. is there talk up on the hill, if we can't do that, voters are going to hold us responsible? >> i think republicans are in a really tough place. the problem is that this bill, we repeals obamacare which they've been promising to do for seven years, is not very popular. so, they've got this very unpopular bill up against this promise that they, you know, they really feel like they need to make an attempt. leland: there was the president's victory with the house when they passed some version of repeal and replacement a while ago back in may. it does bring to memory president reagan who says the closest thing to eternal life is a government program. and something else that
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president reagan pushed for and got and is quoted a lot is tax reform. take a listen to the president last night about that. >> we're moving quickly to pass a massive tax cut and simplification for the middle class. we want new tax returns. we want simplification. we want reform, and you know what we really want? we want massive tax cuts. that's what we're doing for business, that's what we're doing for the middle class. leland: and we'll get to what it will specifically look like in a minute. is there any reason to think getting the tax through the republican house and senate as fractured as they are right now is going to be easier than getting health care through both houses? >> not necessarily, however, it seems easier on paper. health care is complicated. tax cuts is easier to understand, there aren't as
9:16 am
many in cutting taxes. in reforming the tax code like president reagan did, that's another story. there could be some kind of smaller deal potentially. leland: one thing we've heard tossed around, tax cuts for the, in air quotes, middle class. and don't necessarily need tax cuts on the rich and democrats saying any tax cut that republicans put forth is just about millionaires and billionaires. all of these terms are great in talking points and then they actually have to be defined on paper come a real bill. have you gotten a sense from republicans where they're going to draw the line on the difference between the middle class and the rich, who gets tax cuts and who doesn't? >> i don't have a sense where they're going to draw the line. we're hoping to get some details this week. leland: is it surprising even when i pushed a number of republican congressmen, none have a number for that income, 100,000, 200,000, 300,000? nothing. >> you'd think they've been
9:17 am
talking about it a long time. i've been covering taxes for years. and in prior administrations, they have been talking about it. the tax writers have been behind the scenes and hopefully the big six of g.o.p. leaders will give us an idea. leland: and kevin brady says perhaps on wednesday, they've pushed so many deadlines, who knows. kim dixon, a lot to talk about in the coming months. >> thank you. elizabeth: another strong earthquake striking mexico today, comes less than a week after a 7.1 magnitude quake killed at least 295 people. jonathan hunt comes to us with the latest from there. what can you tell us? >> liz, good morning. it was a rude awakening for the people of mexico city. this morning, a city that's obviously still very much on edge following tuesday's huge earthquake. the alarms sounded here at 7:55 this morning and a lot of high
9:18 am
rise buildings, including our hotel were immediately evacuated. ultimately, there were no reports of further damage here in mexico city. this quake this morning was centered about 300 miles south. and we're getting reports of damage there. and meanwhile, back here in mexico city, the search and rescue operations continue, including this one behind me here. this was an office building that collapsed and as you look at the rescue workers on top of that pile of rubble now, they are making their way through what was the dealing of the fourth floor. it is believed that there were a lot of people working on that fourth floor at the time of the earthquake. there are still many people unaccounted for from this building, so, they are hoping, almost against hope, that they may yet find a survivor, but we are obviously reaching the end of the period where people could be expected to survive. some of the search and rescue operations have, in fact, now
9:19 am
been wrapped up. we were at one at a textile factory yesterday, when they obviously decided there were no more signs of life. there was an emotional moment when all the hundreds of workers who had been digging there gathered together, removed their hard hats, sang in unison the national anthem, and then the musical tribute to those who had lost their lives. listen here. ♪ ♪ >> now, liz, veteran rescue workers will tell you that in these kind of conditions, the
9:20 am
limit that anybody could be expected to survive is about four days, 96 hours. we are just two hours away from reaching that point. so, while these workers behind me continue to hope that they may find survivors, clearly, every minute that passes makes it less and less likely. liz. elizabeth: oh, jonathan, that's a tough story. thank you for bringing it to us, we appreciate it. leland. leland: coming up, a closer look into the investigation of russian meddling in the 2016 election. allegations that vladimir putin, whether he had his shirt on or not, paid thousands of dollars for fake ads on facebook through the kremlin regor regi regime. and in puerto rico thousands are in danger from a dam pushed by flood waters left behind by hurricane maria. to san juan as the race to get
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near half of the country learning they were targeted by hackers. 21 states on friday, including several won by hillary clinton. here to talk more about that on the russia probe is josh. >> good to be here. elizabeth: i don't know where to begin. we heard this news last night that 21 states, the correct wording would say that they were tampered with during the election. can you elaborate more on? is that something we should be worried about? >> it's not a question whether the results were tampered with, but whether there were efforts. usually the voter regulation, and hack into them and make copies. there were 21 states that the federal government believes there was some attempt. it may have been a lame attempt, it may have been a sophisticated attempt by some actors probably involving russia to get into the system and muck around. elizabeth: officials were hacked, et cetera, et cetera.
9:26 am
>> there's a long distance between that and somebody able to change election outcomes which is much trickier. elizabeth: i want to shift a little because there was a lot of news about the russia investigation. a lot of heat turned up around paul manafort. what's your take away? >> the big news, there was word that paul manafort has been told that he's likely to be indicted, one of the big stories out of the week was the fact that-- at least the allegation that he was trying to trade his position on the trump campaign for some kind of financial benefit, offering briefings to an individual who apparently owed manafort and some of his associates money, if he, you know, if he was able to give them information about the trump campaign, maybe they would pay up on some of their debts. you can be sure that that's something that mueller's special team, robert mueller is looking at closely. it's not clear whether something like that is illegal. you're not a public official when you're working on a
9:27 am
campaign. elizabeth: is it unsavory or criminal? >> it's unsavory, fired from a campaign if somebody heard about it. whether it's illegal is another question. if you hear about that in part of criminal charges it would be more atmospheric telling the narrative rather than being illegal. if you set it up, there could be fraud, wire fraud or other kinds of transaction that is could get someone in trouble trying to arrange something like that. elizabeth: a side bar. if you saw the side bar, mark zuckerberg's picture. and ad buying, does that surprise you? >> the facebook people sort of made an aboutface. they initially said we can't give them to congress or the special prosecutor unless he has a warrant and when mark
9:28 am
zuckerberg returned from maternity leave-- from paternity leave, i should say, he's made a turn around as the investigation goes forward. elizabeth: josh, there's so much to get through. josh, i'm sure we'll have you back, every week and were you at the courthouse and we'll have you back. >> happy to be here. elizabeth: appreciate it. leland. leland: fox news alert, first lady melania trump in toronto, canada right now, coming off the plane for the invictus game, and includes a goldstar mother and wayne newton to show support for the athletes in the game. coming up later in the show, one of the athletes, we'll ask what it means for the first lady to be there watching. also, fast-moving developments in the situation of president trump saying that those who take a knee should be fired from the nfl.
9:29 am
lebron james coming out after president trump said that they were going to disinvite the golden state warriors because of steven curry saying he may or may not come. well, now, lebron james responded saying you bum. steven curry already said he ain't going and so no invite. and going to the white house was a great honor until you showed up. and thousands of north koreans headed to the north korean capital for an anti-american rally. our greg palkot in south korea. many are wondering whether the war on words may turn into a real word. >> amid the anti-u.s. rally, a bit of a nuke scare on the korean peninsula on saturday. an earthquake detected from northeastern north korea. the latest coming up. i no longer live with
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>> tens of thousands of residents in puerto rico have been order today evacuate. officials there are concerned about a nearby dam that was damaged by hurricane maria and they say it could fail. steve harrigan is live with the latest from san juan. hi, steve. >> hi, that's the dam and we've made it outside of that dam. you can see the flooding behind it, and there are concerns that the dam could completely, that that dam could completely collapse so they've evacuated about 70,000 people from two towns and they did it in a hurry here, putting people on school buses. despite the fact that most people are out of here, there's tremendous flooding. there's real concerns in the outer regions of puerto rico how bad things are. we've made it to one of the outer reaches.
9:35 am
here is a look yourself how bad the flooding is here. >> this part is so flooded you have to guess what is where, there's actually houses underneath the satellite dishes, the water is over the houses and we're passing over vehicles. the main street is completely underwater and ahead is the police station and you can't see that, either. it's guess work where things are, we're talking 10 or 15 feet of flood water and they've had to evacuate by school buses and there is fear that more could be coming. so you have part of a town here, pretty much completely underwater, even the police station under water so the first responders can't be much help and that's before the dam bursts. things already here are horrendous and could get worse soon. elizabeth: that elizabeth: those images could take your breath away.
9:36 am
leland: we're moments away from north korea's minister's speech, the first time we've heard from them since the president called him little rocket man. greg, if history repeats itself, the nickname will not sit well with north korea. >> we should get some fiery reaction. absolutely. first let's talk about a nuke scare we had here on the korean peninsula late saturday, korean time. there were reports of an earthquake not far from where the regime's nuclear test site is 3.5 on the richter scale and reports from china it was set off by a detonation. south korea and united states saying it might be natural.
9:37 am
and it could of been a collapse of a tunnel. pyongyang, a mass rally against the united states today. 100,000 said to be in attendance again in the wake of president trump's u.n. address in which he ka you willed -- called for totally destroying north korea if they attacked the u.s. or allies. and get ready for the final decisive battle. yes, in half hour's time or so, we could be hearing from the north korean minister, young-ho and last year it was fiery. remember, it was from the foreign minister that north korea might be considering an h-bomb blast over the pacific ocean. it's got a lot of people here concerned. this amid new reports saturday from china that they actually could be coming aligned in the wake of the u.n. sakes r
9:38 am
sanctir-- sanctions and they would limit the oil and textiles coming out of north korea, the latest sign that china is trying to crack down on banks, trying to limit the cash flow that's funding the weapons programs a big deal from president trump and the treasury department in the last couple of days, too. back to you. leland: north korea feeling pressure from all areas. greg palkot live in seoul. greg, thank you. elizabeth: we'll have general jack keane to discuss this and more. and president trump using strong words for football players protesting the national anthem during his rally. how the nfl and now some basketball players are responding. we'll have the latest coming up. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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9:43 am
the same podium. more insight on the relation, and we bring in general jack keane. >> good to be here. elizabeth: there was fallout after the president took the podium and analyzing the speech. i'm sure we'll do the same today. i'm curious what is your take away this week and the pressure that we're putting on north korea we hadn't been before and the potential impact on those pressures, those sanctions? >> i thought generally speaking, it was a generally accomplished speech. 130 nation showed up monday of that week to listen to him talk about reform and the threats that we're facing in the near term and calling on 193 leaders of the u.n., let's deal with these collectively together. something that was lost on his critics. but specifically on north korea, i think this week may be a pivotal week, here is what's happened. the united states has issued an executive order saying anybody
9:44 am
that trades with north korea has got to cut the trade off and we'll stop trade with you. he gave president xi, a heads-up to that fact. does that mean that the united states would shut off trade with china? that would be a global earthquake in terms. world economy. what did president xi do? he complied. so he is cutting off his banks from trading. they trade in u.s. currency, by the way. he's cutting off his banks trading with north korea as we expect the other nations to do who trade with us. that's a stunning achievement. that separates president trump from all of his predecessors in being able to exercise one leverage on china and, two, really squeeze north korea. elizabeth: why now? why did china comply now? did it behoove them? >> yeah, it's a great question, elizabeth. number one, i think north korea has become a global pariah. the whole world is looking at them and everybody in the world
9:45 am
knows that while their strategy may be rational to hold the united states at bay with icbm's, they're belligerent and reckless, kim jong-un is a reckless person. that's embarrassing for china because north korea would never be where they are without china's help. we all get that. number two and maybe nor specific to president xi, the communist congress in china is meeting and he's the most ambitio ambitious chinese leader we've had in a generation. he clearly want to replace the united states as a preeminent global leader in the world. that's where he's headed and he needs to consolidate his political base at this part of congress. he does not want this huge distraction of north korea taking place and also being in a dialog with president trump who is going to cut off aid with china. elizabeth: right. >> and then have a discussion
9:46 am
at the communist party congress. so, i think geopolitically and political issues for himself are factors. all that said, if xi does what he says he's going to do, this could indeed, i'm thinking optimistically be the end of the kim dynasty. if that country gets squeezed economically, the leaders around kim jong-un knows he brought this on ourselves, this has never happened before and if it truly happens, it's not that people will take over the government. the government has got too many guns for that, but the leaders around him, i doubt if they would put up with a total economic collapse. elizabeth: that's part of my next question. if china follows through with your optimistic vision, what's next? do we go back to the fact-- months ago you and i had a conversation, even a decade ago there was conversations with six nations and the united states and north korea were included in that. is that something that could happen next?
9:47 am
what's the next step? >> well, pessimistically, let me say this and i'll answer your question. i'm not sure that china will totally come through because in the past they've always hedged. now, they're committing to come through, but there are plenty of ways to get money in korea, north korea. okay, we we have to keep a skeptical eye on the chinese in terms of what they're doing. we can track these trance abbings because electronically it's easy to do, but i think it would be a miss-- the state department has said from the beginning we're willing to negotiate. remember what every time the north koreans have negotiated, grandfather, kim jong-un's father, and what they've used negotiations for, elizabeth, is to buy time, and i think if we're going to negotiate with them we've got to recognize that's the only reason they're doing that. we have to be wary of that. elizabeth: general jack keane, thank you. a lot of different options and we'll certain we'll have you back to see how it unfolds. >> good talking to you.
9:48 am
elizabeth: we appreciate it. leland: still ahead from north korea to iran, they're defined, saying the latest missile doesn't violate the nuclear deal. how should we respond to tehran's aggression. for the second time in two months, john mccain defies his party in opposing a republican health care bill and the future of that health care bill exclusively with secretary tom price in a few minutes.
9:49 am
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9:52 am
>> president trump facing backlash, probably be an understatement, for his comments about nfl players protesting the national anthem. the president using strong words while stumping for alabama senator luther strange. listen here. >> we're proud of our country, we respect our flag. wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, get that son fof a -- off the field right now, he's fired, fired! >> usa! usa! usa! . elizabeth: and nfl commissioner roger goodell responding saying
9:53 am
the president is showing an unfortunate lack of respect for the league, the game and its players. fox contributor jim gray joins us with the latest. i want to get into recent tweets we've been having with nba players. the fallout when it comes to the nfl, were you surprised when you heard the president bring this up and were you surprised by roger goodell's reaction? >> well, i think that roger goodell is right in what he says. the nfl is at its best when it helps communities come together and now, unfortunately, what we're seeing in sports is the spillover effect of everything that goes on in daily politics spilling onto the fields. and it used to be sports brought everybody together, like the military, bringing together in the common good and common cause and now guys are taking a knee and people are upset because the flag represents a lot of different things to a lot of people. it's offensive to a lot of folks who, particularly those who served the country in the
9:54 am
military. and whether or not it's an effective protest, all of these guys do have the right to do what it is they're doing. you may disagree with it, but it's a peaceful protest. so when the president comes out with these words and says this, no one's getting fired. there's not a single player in the nfl who has been fired, nor will there be a player fired who is currently taking a knee because of their social stance. elizabeth: right. and when he calls out players in particular. i do, in the effort of time i want to bring up tweets we're seeing coming in within really the last couple of minutes. initially, we heard the president-- or saw the president send out a tweet going to the white house is a great honor for championship teams, stephen curry is hesitating and it's withdrawn. nba players. we've seen lebron james and chris paul tweet out. lebron, you bum, he wasn't going, ain't no invite. and chris paul, with everything
9:55 am
going on in our country, why are you tweeting out who is going to the white house, stay in your lane. >> i'm curious where you think this is headed? >> well, it's not going to be headed into a good place. it's going to divide people and it's going to divide the very sports in which all of us love. do you now root for the uniform and the player in the uniform or root for their social stance? it's not good and stephen curry and a number of the golden state warriors that are already said they did not want to go to the white house, including its coach, steve kerr and kevin durant. so the players and coach expressed their opinions. it's hard to uninvite them, people who weren't going anyway. perhaps with north korea and other things, why wade into this at this time. elizabeth: i have to ask you, jim. >> people going to games and tuning into the television don't want any of this going on.
9:56 am
they want an escape and now their escape has been taken from them. elizabeth: you've been covering sports for a long time. i have to ask you if you've ever seen anything quite like this? >> no, we never have seen anything quite like this because we've never had a president like president trump and we also live in an age of social media, and everybody has a voice, and these players who have been quiet for a number of years and have been told just to stick to sports don't want to stick to sports. they want to have their feelings heard and they have a social conscience and they want to have social change. and this is the way they're going about it. so, they have that right. elizabeth: thank you, jim. the computer is going to cut us off in just a moment. we'll be back after the break. we appreciate your insights, sir. >> thank you, have a good day.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
is a firestorm on twitter from the biggest names in sports reacting to donald trump's tough comments in alabama on friday night. happy saturday, it is saturday. >> never dull. the president has a rally and tweets on saturday morning. the president headed for alabama for what was supposed to be a straightforward political rally.
10:01 am
despite calling kim jong-il and rocket man it is is device to nfl owners that has everyone's attention, kristin fisher in bedminster, new jersey, the white house saying anything about this? did the president know this would happen or was it something he did on his own and caught staff by surprise? >> reporter: i think any time you take on not just the nfl but the nba, donald trump took on a lot of people by surprise. let's talk about football because last night at this big rally in alabama donald trump told the nfl commissioner and anyone who is a football fans at any player who takes a knee during the national anthem should be fired. >> more than set, when people like yourselves turn on television and you see those people taking a knee when
10:02 am
playing our great national and some, wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when someone disrespects our flag, get that sonofabitch off the field right now, he is fired. he is fired! >> nfl commissioner roger goodell didn't waste time responding. he issued a statement that reads in part divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the nfl, and all our players and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players representing our communities. the issue is blowing up on twitter. the hashtag take a knee is the number one trend on twitter. something else in, stefan curry,
10:03 am
the golden state warriors guard said something yesterday donald trump did not like. he said he didn't want to visit the white house after winning the nba championship. donald trump responded to that by saying, quote, going to the white house is considered a great honor for a championship team. invitation is withdrawn. now lebron james, one of the greatest basketball players of all time is weighing in by saying you bum, stefan curry says he is not going. going to the white house was a great honor until you showed up. over the last 24 hours donald trump has found himself in some public and heated feuds with some nba big stars. haven't had a chance to talk about what donald trump said today on twitter about some republican senators opposing the latest gop health care plan, sent some sharp words, john
10:04 am
mccain yesterday, that he would not be voting for it. and taking over the news cycle. anything from the white house from your sources from half. are they figuring out a response to this political bomb that has gone off? >> nothing from the white house. hard to know if this was in his prepared remarks or something you went on a rip about. donald trump's own statement he put out on twitter and what he said last night. when you, lebron james, stefan curry, the top trend on twitter, only a matter of time before donald trump ways and
10:05 am
personally, don't you think? leland: it has happened in the past. thank you. here to take a closer look at donald trump's speech, the president of american encore, sean noble and radio show host robert tello. thanks for being here. i want to get you on this, robert, you're a civil rights lawyer your self. so much of the defense of the national anthem protests, it is a first amendment right. where is the disconnect in that defense because it is not a first amendment right. the nfl is not a government organization, there is no first amendment right to keep your employment or make a political statement when you are in uniform whether you work for an nfl team or work for fedex and where a make america great act. >> one thing we have to realize is to cut trait on the protest and not the reason for the
10:06 am
protest is losing the point. the reason they are protesting is because of police brutality in america. we had a young man whose death in oklahoma, shot dead by police, last week a young lgbt student in georgia -- we have to address the real issue. leland: those stories are covered and covered often, covered all the time for that very reason because they are stories. at the same time, don't nfl owners have the right to hire or fire people whether it is because they make a political statement by taking a knee during the national anthem or put on a trump jersey during a game? either way the owners have that right. >> what you will find is quality organizations led by quality -- he hires quality people like
10:07 am
larry fitzgerald, carson palmer, you will never sees him take a knee because they are not those kinds of people and if owners wanted to fire somebody they would but they are not going to do that because they are there to play a game and it is a game and something for the american people to wrap their head around. this is a tempest in a teapot. middle america doesn't care about this. there is a media, reaction to this because at the end of the day, quality nfl players and nba players playing the game, entertaining the american people. >> back to you on this issue, you are a southern democrat, we talk often about how southern democrats feel they are being abandoned by the left wing of the democratic party. you have written on that as well. the president showing up in alabama, according to peter he
10:08 am
got the girl applause about the nfl and taking a knee and lack of patriotism by nfl players as he did for any other reason. the fact the democratic party is continuing to push on it is fine to take a need to make a political statement, is there a tone deafness, the same that you talked about on other things q >> this is a place the democratic party and republican party have failed. the protest did not start under donald trump. it started with loretta lynch and eric holder, when president obama was president, he led federal action to address killing by individuals by law enforcement. the president wanted to make a statement about the protest he should have stated the legislation he wanted to push through to address these issues. the president has made it impossible for black conservatives, democrat or republican, to justifiably support him at this point.
10:09 am
he is attacking republican senators and house members making it impossible for republicans to maintain a majority in the house in 2018. what we will see tomorrow in the nfl is unprecedented number of players protesting. making the issue worse, not better. north korea tested a nuclear bomb this morning and donald trump -- we have to concentrate on these issues. >> we don't think it was a nuclear test. your point is well taken that there is a lot of other issues for us to be talking about other than this one. to robert's point did the president risk becoming more of a cultural icon than a political icon if this is what he focuses on rather than the political points. >> let's take a deep breath. he didn't focus on it. this is a one hour and 20 minutes speech he gave in
10:10 am
alabama. we are the ones making this a big deal. we are the ones blowing it out of proportion. the reaction to this, he knows where his base is and his base appreciates defending the flag so he was playing to his base. that is what he will do because he knows how to read his base and he was giving people in alabama and people watching the rally to support exactly what they one. this wasn't a big major statement, wasn't a big policy statement. it was wouldn't it be cool if something like this happens? >> the president is link with the disinvited to the golden state warriors would appreciate your insight. there will be more talk about this especially tomorrow. >> we haven't watching the un, the foreign minister expected to speak at the general assembly in new york. live outside the un right now,
10:11 am
hi, brian. >> this speech we expect to be defined, more fighting words from north korea toward the us and the rest of the world, the foreign minister is speaking on behalf of north korean president kim jung un. three or four speakers from now, a year to the day that the foreign minister, in that speech we expect the same thing this year, defending the nuclear program. we expect to be defined against the united nations, more sanctions against them, and actual personal insults hurled towards donald trump particularly after what has happened this week. on top of it all, today in pyongyang, north korea, the capital of the country, a massive pep rally, 100,000 people in pyongyang rallying in
10:12 am
a rally against the united states the same day the foreign minister will speak, this comes the day after their leader, kim jung un, made a direct statement to the world and said this, quote, i will make the man holding the prerogative of the cream command in the us pay dearly for his speech, whatever trump might have expected he will phase results beyond his expectations was i will surely and definitely tames the mentally deranged with fire. this was a response to donald trump's us speech tuesday in which he marked kim jung un by calling him rocket man and in which donald trump fouled the us would destroy north korea if they decide to attack our allies or us. we expect the speech any moment. >> we will keep an eye on it. >> back to the un. if the foreign minister says something of import, in the
10:13 am
meantime, wally ferris --walid p pheris is here to talk about this, you have north korea on the route to and icbm with a nuclear warhead and iran who allegedly abiding by the nuclear deal technically but at the same time they have yet another successful ballistic missile test that could reach israel. link north korea and iran, how kim jung un and the ayatollah are affected. >> this is going to be a severe battle of optics in washington and europe. it is iran and north korea are fighting, iran is very smart, their friends and allies in the region and europe, framing it as donald trump is going to be destabilizing the world while in reality the trump administration has two advantages if it wants
10:14 am
to use them. one is a huge coalition of arab and muslim countries, he should act against iran and leader of that coalition, not just the united states, second point, the opposition. if he shows those cards it would turn opinions in europe and elsewhere. >> among the controversy over the nfl donald trump doubled down on his tough talk personally which there has been a lot of discussion about calling out the north korean leader. take a listen. >> by the way, rocket man should have been handled a long time ago. leland: there was a lot of discussion, the rest of that soundbite, called him a little rocket man. there was a lot of discussion in the administration whether to personally attack kim jung un in a way he needed to respond, bringing up two questions.
10:15 am
the foreign minister's speech at the un by the north koreans, significant or more rhetoric? >> it is the north korean regime. whatever donald trump will be using, that is not what pyongyang is looking at. they are looking at destroyers, aircraft carriers, electronic means but the outreach to china. the advice, should do this or that as if they understood what was happening. leland: we will see when the focus shifts to iran if there's a nickname for the ayatollah. i see the laugh. we will get to that. good to see you as always. coming up, talking healthcare, health and human services secretary tom price, his take on the future of the graham cassidy health care bill when we come back. ugh. heartburn.
10:16 am
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10:19 am
>> the graham cassidy health care bill is 1-vote from failure which explains why some lawmakers are looking ahead to other big agenda items such as tax reform.
10:20 am
joining me to weigh in, arizona congressman sandy biggs. >> nice to be with you. >> i want to ask you if this version hits the forest floor what will happen, but if your area of expertise. were you surprised when you heard john mccain would be voting no? >> not really. the bill has problems, he was consistent how he voted no last night, he is asking for regular order and working with the democrats on this. that is consistent with the skinny budget. >> the bill has problems. say in a hypothetical world it goes through the house, members of the freedom caucus like your self, what would they not like about it? >> they don't like we are talking about we don't know what it will look like yet. what we are not going to like is
10:21 am
we don't know if the title i regulations are going to be all lifted or still there, some requirements are not going to reduce premiums but will increase premiums. other places are really good. we get some good stuff like eliminate the individual mandate, but keep in other things the cause premiums to stay high. >> about criticism that this outline like you said is not necessarily something that will come to fruition but a set of six block grants, redistributing funding for different states which mean states that will lose funding won't vote for the bill. >> that is right and is part of the problem. when the money runs out in six years every state will be back, congress a don't let this go and keep funding this in perpetuity. >> i want to get to tax reform which we are hearing a lot
10:22 am
about, next week we hope to see a new framework. i want to ask with members of the freedom caucus what you want to see. at one point, members of the freedom caucus have their own tax reform drafted, do you still have that drafted, could we ever see that? >> we have one drafted sitting there and we want to be respectful of people drafting a bill for the administration, house and senate working together. we don't want to undermine what they are doing but important we get something in writing soon. we need the legislation so we can look at it. on tuesday, vote for this, on wednesday that won't work because that is when we get into real problems. we need to make sure this is concrete and the freedom caucus, don't want to speak for those guys but we have been working on tax reform.
10:23 am
>> because of breaking news we have run out of time but more questions for you, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> after the break, exclusive interview with him price, his take on the health care debate and whether this bill in the senate is really dead or just on life support. switch to flonase allergy relief. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. flonase helps block 6. most allergy pills only block one and 6 is greater than 1. with more complete relief you can enjoy every beautiful moment to the fullest. flonase. 6 is greater than 1 changes everything.
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10:28 am
obamacare, appears now on life support at best. the man responsible for implementing any healthcare policy, secretary tom price. appreciate it. you got republican senators too hard-nosed, rand paul, john mccain, two people who voted no, senator from alaska, senator from maine, strongly leaning know on this. you are a doctor. how is this doctor not dead right now? >> the promise in the house and the senate was to repeal and replace, it is not dead because it is not finished. to work with the authors on it through this weekend and the bill will likely be hauled out early next week. and in the process of refining it, technical assistance and
10:29 am
information, the status quo is unacceptable. you have an insurance card but no care because they can't afford the premiums. they are fleeing the market and individual small group market through obamacare, that is what the president as we are trying to take care of with repeal and replace. >> there is agreement the status quo won't work even among democrats specifically to rand paul. consistently, very outspoken, are you lobbying him personally or have you written that vote off? >> we haven't written it off because this bill incorporates the height of federalism, takes essentially all the resources that relate to healthcare that are supposed to go to the states and enrolled them into one
10:30 am
package to the states, states have the authority, the opportunity, flexibility and resources to put in place the programs they believe to be most appropriate. this should be up rand paul and sally. >> are you calling or cajoling him? who is leading the effort to bring him on board and explained that? >> to reach out to all individuals who had the opportunity to vote on this next week. leland: appreciate you coming on in light of what is out there about you and your travel as secretary. 24 plus flights on chartered aircraft, total tab to the taxpayer $300,000. no accusations for anything but official government duties but at the same time the inspector general is looking into this and wondering if you are still convinced in light of what you have read if the decision to use private aircraft was the best stewardship of taxpayers dollars.
10:31 am
>> these were work related and official business end of the 11 trips over the last eight months, the majority of them were the opioid crisis for the hurricanes but we heard the criticism, we heard the concerns and take that seriously and taken it to heart. the inspector general is going to a review and audit of this process and will cooperate fully with. having initiated an internal departmental review of the procedures and processes we go through to determine whether there are changes or reforms necessary. if they are we look forward to instituting those because we welcome this review, you want to make certain we have the full confidence not just of this administration but the american people. >> it is worth looking back to how people view things in the past. this is due in 2010 speaking about nancy pelosi. >> i say to the speaker don't
10:32 am
you fly over our country in your luxury jet and lecture us on what it means to be an american. don't you tell us about america. leland: put yourself back in your shoes as congressman price who was without question a dog and fighter for taxpayer dollars. of health and human services secretary kathleen sibelius had done the same thing with you have tough questions for her about it even if it was as you put it the opioid crisis or to get to san diego? >> the issue with the former speaker was a different matter. be that as it may we heard this criticism and very serious about addressing it, as the inspector general goes through his review we will cooperate. the internal review we won to make certain processes and procedures in place have the full confidence of the american people, so trust is not just restored but assured. leland: there's a lot of
10:33 am
criticism about the trip to philadelphia when amtrak, driving off of work, understand there is a long review. would you say it is fair for you to come it not to use private jets until that is reviewed or are you going forward the way you have in the past and wait for their review? >> we have taken many trips in cars, sometimes four five hours at a time. these were 11 trips over a eight months period of time. again, this review is incredibly important and we want to make certain the processes we have in place have the full confidence not just of the administration but the american people so we can carry out our mission to ensure we approve the health, safety and well-being of the american people. leland: i understand processes and procedures but there is also the optics, a congressman so dog about the public's money, and a
10:34 am
number of members of the house took speaker nancy pelosi to task for using 757 to fly around the country and using private jets. how is this different? i am wondering if you're thinking, taking these charter flights, the optics of this wouldn't be great especially if hhs is cutting the budget, cutting programs, cutting staff. >> i appreciate that. the optics in some of this don't look good. that is why we have taken this criticism to heart. the whole process we undertook, each of these trips were reviewed, had a legal review and approval process we have undertaken that we will look at and we want to make certain we are fulfilling the responsibility from a budgetary standpoint and make certain our first customer is the american taxpayer. in terms of how these were paid they were paid out of the secretary's budget and that
10:35 am
budget has been level with this administration. we look forward to the review and make certain they have the confidence of the american people. leland: your the secretary, the buck stops with you. anything you are putting in place immediately, you are saying as secretary, the man responsible for the budget, these are my new standards before we hear from the inspector general, this is the way i want my department viewing taxpayer money going forward. >> i don't think there would be any charter trips until this is complete because of the concerns we heard, there might be an emergency that would occur but i doubt there will be any charter trips try or to the review and will be completed expeditiously on our part and head of the inspector general. leland: glad to have you back to talk about it, appreciate you
10:36 am
answering the questions, that says a lot. this can come at a worse time and you're trying to have this debate about repealing replace and you talked about bringing democrats on board. does this make it a little harder on the fight for repealing replace? do you feel you can separate that and go forward next week as a strong advocate? >> absolutely, i have carried on multiple conversations and phone calls. just this past week on repeal and replace effort. from a political standpoint, folks who want to see the president fail, who want to see the administration failed. that is part, we are swimming upstream against the current but that is not dissuading us. the president is adamant about making sure we have a healthcare system that works for the american people, we are doing our best to carry that out. leland: all americans counting on him to succeed with your help
10:37 am
so we appreciate you coming on and look forward to having you back. elizabeth: chris wallace will sit down with white house legislative affairs director mark schwartz talking about everything from healthcare to the latest war of words with north korea, check your local listings and check out media buzz to see how the media is covering the north korea threat and the latest russia investigation. don't miss sean hannity's interview with steve bannon monday night at 9:00 eastern. donald trump throwing his support behind senator lugar strange in alabama. coming up former deputy assistant sebastian gorka on his support for the other campaign.
10:38 am
10:39 am
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new video coming in, the first lady meeting with prince harry leading the american delegation, 90 american athletes, coming up later we will speak to one of those inspirational american athletes taking part in the game starting tonight. donald trump took the campaign trail last night to support luther strange in the special election, joining us live with the latest, peter ducey. >> donald trump said anyone who doesn't like senator strange because they think he is too tight with mitch mcconnell has it wrong, he barely knows mcconnell elected to a term in the senate, he will be a fierce advocate for alabama but that
10:43 am
said the president told the crowd he will try to help whoever wins the runoff election, strange or judge roy moore. supporters trying to cast strange as an unreliable member of the establishment. >> both good men. i told luther if his opponent wins i will be campaigning like hell for him. but i have to say this. you understand this, look at the polls, luther will definitely win. you know what i am saying. roy has a very good chance of not winning in the general election. >> the president admitted he may have made a mistake endorsing strange instead of more but he said strange has always been
10:44 am
loyal to him and that should be rewarded. the president played of their friendship and took up the famous nickname. >> do people call you big luther before you met trump? i brand people, some people i brand as this or that. a lot of them are now friends of mine. nobody called you that? it is a big name. can never call him little luther. he is big luther and that is cool. everyone knows alabama has arrived. >> in the last few minutes we learned steve bannon, the chief strategist, coming to alabama monday to rally for judge roy
10:45 am
moore, a source close to bannon said not to see this as a way to fight with trump as they take different sides but a way to fight for the president and his agenda, bannon and many conservatives see judge more as the better option to connect the president with the campaign promises and voters that made it popular last year. >> interesting a few days ahead. >> let's bring in chief strategist for the coalition, on the other side of this debate he supports judge roy moore. >> i'm confused in this logic here. how does it support our president who is -- what you are saying you're doing by also supporting the senate candidate what he supports.
10:46 am
>> nobody is confused. >> i am. we voted for donald trump's agenda, we don't vote, we vote for what john smith says he is going to do. gert leland: people voted for donald trump -- >> personality is not enough, you won't base your future, based on what he says he is going to do, donald trump's agenda is judge more's agenda. you have a guy called luther strange who is a swamp dweller, appointed to his position to the senate by governor who had to leave three months later. leland: if the president feel that way, why is he endorsing him if mister strange has the characteristics you talked about, if you lost touch with
10:47 am
his base, go inside the president's mind. >> you can read the report how reluctant the president has been to endorse the candidate who is a swamp thriller. he is under pressure from people like mitch mcconnell. people like mitch mcconnell who haven't done anything for the president's agenda. look at obamacare. this is a temporary state of affairs. >> from the obamacare votes without asking for anything. it begs the question, reasonable people can agree the president speaks his mind. he marches to his own drum for lack of a better term or analogy here. what do you think is happening the president is endorsing somebody you are saying doesn't support his agenda and you know better than the president what
10:48 am
helps us agenda. >> if our guy wins, judge more wins, i will support him to the hills. leland: might have a hard time winning the general. >> he is ahead right now the head of luther strange, the person representing the agenda, when the president came to do. it is about dc politics versus representing november 8th. leland: if the candidate donald trump didn't endorse wins in a state he won overwhelmingly what message does that send to the president about what his supporters think of him? >> a powerful message, they get back to the basics to make america great again agenda, it will be a great day for the president, he will have a
10:49 am
message, people once the unfiltered's november 8th and not the swamp filter. leland: either way it will be a message, you we appreciate your insights. we reached out to senator strange's campaign multiple times to send a surrogate. it went unanswered. should they choose a surrogate for the senator's campaign, they respond tomorrow during the 1:00 eastern time in america's news headquarters, and see what happened. elizabeth: we heard from the pentagon spokesman the u.s. air force, near north korea stationed in quam escorted by fighter jets, flying over international waters the farthest north they have gone,
10:50 am
the north korean leader threatens to test another nuclear weapon in the pacific, we have been waiting the better half of an hour, the united nations assembly in new york, waiting for the foreign minister from north korea, in the podium. we are right back with more news shortly after the break.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
elizabeth: the first lady leading the opening ceremony for the game in toronto. here to talk about the game and share his story is sergeant patrick roberts. thank you for your service and i ask what you will be competing in this week. >> i will be competing in swimming, track events. elizabeth: you just came off the warrior game. what are you looking forward to to make this unique and awesome? 500 and this across the world, amazing events, what are you looking forward to? >> meeting other athletes, making new friends. the goal is to win. we all want to win at our
10:55 am
events. elizabeth: you are mildly competitive. when people watch these competitors take the stage, these men and women have any injuries, do you forget any injuries or what you have been through, to get lost in the competition? >> yes you do. that is the great thing about any competition. you forget about everything, comes down to that, friends next to you, you don't see differences between yourself and anybody else. the best you can at the moment. >> competition therapy for you? we hear from a lot of men and
10:56 am
women that is what it is. >> 100%. for a lot of people, any of these events or programs around the us, we use more veterans than we have. a lot of groups or sporting events, i feel lost and this brings everybody back together. i am part of something again and events like this more often. elizabeth: we wish you the best of luck, let us know how we do because we want to tell our viewers next week, thanks for joining us and good luck out there. >> thank you, see you later. elizabeth: that is offer is in washington, america have news headquarters continues after the break, thanks for joining us.
10:57 am
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: president trump is taking aim at some pro athletes, sparking controversy and a response from the nfl's own union. hello, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm gillian turner. kelly: gillian, welcome, and i'm kelly wright. the president railing against nfl players who kneel during the national anthem, the practice gaining attention when former san francisco 49er quarterback colin kaepernick started taking a knee during the star-spangled banner last season. at a rally last night in alabama for senator luther strange, president trump saying players who participate should be fired. the nfl union is


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